TN 58 (12-23)

SI 00604.018 Marital Status: Question 5

A. Introduction

Marital Status: Question 5 may establish a lead or protective filing for title II or a protective filing for title XVI benefits, unless the claimant specifically indicates on the form that they do not wish to file for the spouse.

B. When to complete question 5

Complete 5(a) for all claimants. Follow the "Go To" instructions as appropriate.

1. Spouse is 65 or older or will attain age 65 within the evaluation period or is blind or disabled

For determining if a protective filing exists when the claimant names a spouse on a title XVI application, follow the instructions in SI 00601.020. For the protective filing closeout instructions, see SI 00601.037.

2. Spouse's Social Security number (SSN) is unknown

If the spouse's SSN is required but unknown, follow instructions for other names and SSNs.

3. Other names and SSNs

If the spouse has used other names or SSNs, refer to SI 00604.017.

C. References

  • SI 00510.001 Overview of the Filing for Other Program Benefits Requirement, through SI 00510.030 Requirement to File for Other Program Benefits

  • GN 00204.022 Explore Entitlement on Another Earnings Record or to Another Class of Benefits

  • MS 08401.008, Person Information Marriage Information Details

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