TN 5 (03-12)

SI 00604.048 Institution Residence Information: Question 22

A. Introduction

Question 22 collects information necessary for developing a living arrangement determination when the claimant lives in an institution.

B. Procedure for completing question 22

  • Enter the name of the institution. Enter the address in the applicable address block in Part VIII.

  • Record the date of admittance for the claimant as explained in SI 00520.001D.2 Procedure for verification of admissions and SI 00520.001D.4 Procedure when “throughout a month” is not met.

  • Record the date of expected discharge. For verifying the date of discharge, see SI 00520.001D.3.

    NOTE: If the claimant is or was residing in a jail, prison or other correctional facility, check the Prisoner Update Processing System (PUPS) to determine if a PUPS record exists.

    Consider whether the institution is a temporary residence. Temporary institutionalization must be based on a physician's written certification (For more information on the physician’s certification, see SI 00520.140B.5).

C. References

  • SI 00520.140 Temporary Institutionalization (TI) Benefits

  • SI 00520.900 Prerelease Procedures: Institutionalization

  • SI 00835.040 Temporary Absence from a Federal LA: General

  • GN 02607.500 Processing Claims when a Prisoner Update Processing System (PUPS) Record Exists

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