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SI 00604.054 Rent-Free Shelter: Question 27

A. Introduction

The answers to these questions alert the interviewer to whether rent-free shelter or ownership/rental liability applies and "sets the path" for the remaining questions in Part II. By first determining that the claimant indicates rent-free shelter, the interviewer may skip the ownership/rental liability questions (28-30) which do not apply. If the claimant does not indicate rent-free shelter, they must answer questions 28 and 29 so we may decide which issue applies--ownership or rental liability.

B. When to complete question 27

Complete question 27(a) for all claimants except transients and those living in institutions or in noninstitutional care. If the claimant answers (a) "NO," complete (b) and follow instructions in (c).

1. Ownership of the place the claimant lives

Consider "own" in this instance to include buying the place where the claimant lives.

2. Possibility of rent-free shelter

If neither the claimant nor household member(s) owns or rents, indicate who owns or rents the place where the claimant lives. This information is necessary to obtain documentation for rent-free shelter or in-kind support and maintenance (ISM) as remuneration for services.

C. References

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