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SI 00604.055 Home Ownership: Question 29

A. When to complete question 29

Complete question 29(a) when question 28(a) is "YES". Complete 29(b) and (c) as appropriate and follow the instructions in 29(d). (Question 29(d) refers to a public assistance household as defined in SI 00835.130.)

B. Leads to unstated income

If it appears that the claimant does not have sufficient income to cover stated expenses, consider the amount of the mortgage along with any other information about living expenses as a lead to unstated income.

C. Amount and frequency of mortgage payment

Enter the amount of the mortgage and the frequency of the mortgage payment (monthly, bi-monthly, or other appropriate period) in 29(c).

1. Home paid for--no mortgage

Enter "paid for" in "Amount" block.

2. No mortgage payment

Enter "see remarks" in "Amount" block and explain in Remarks why there is no mortgage payment and the owner has not paid for the home.

D. References

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