TN 18 (05-20)

SI 00604.098 Leads For Other Benefits: Question 60

A. How to complete question 60

Complete (a) for all claimants (including children).

Complete (b) for all claimants and spouses/parents whether or not the spouse is filing and even if the claimant and spouse are separated.

Record answers about a claimant's former spouse in the "Your Spouse" blocks.

When the claimants answer (b) "YES" (provide dates as needed).

Complete 60(c). For any "YES" answer about a former spouse change "Your Spouse" to "Your Former Spouse" in (c). If filing for a child, change “Spouse” to “Parent(s)”. For every "YES" response, complete the "Filed for Benefits" column. Explain the requirement to file for other benefits.

NOTE: "YES" answers in 60(b) may serve as leads to possible third party insurance (question 59).

B. Referrals to other agencies

To refer claimants to other agencies and for title II benefits,use the form SSA-L8050-U3 (SSI Claim Information Notice.

To complete the SSA-L8050-U3, see SI 00510.020.

C. References

  • SI 00601.035 Adjudicating Title II When a Title XVI Application is Filed

  • SI 00510.001 through SI 00510.025 Requirement to File for Other Program Benefits

  • MS 08119.001 Potential Eligibility for Other Benefit Leads Overview

  • MS 08119.018 Social Security Lead

  • SI 02309.010 Processing the Insured Status (KZ) Diary: Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

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