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SI 00604.098 Leads For Other Benefits: Question 60

A. When and how to complete question 50

Complete (a) for all claimants (including children). Complete (b) for all claimants and spouses/parents whether or not the spouse is filing and even if the claimant and his or her spouse are separated. Record answers about a claimant's former spouse in the "Your Spouse" blocks. When the claimants answer (b) "YES" (provide dates, if appropriate), complete 60(c). For any "YES" answer about a former spouse change "Your Spouse" to "Your Former Spouse" in (c). If filing for a child, change “Spouse” to “Parent(s)”. For every "YES" response, complete the "Filed for Benefits" column. Explain the requirement to file for other benefits.

NOTE: "YES" answers in 60(b) may serve as leads to possible third party insurance (question 59).

B. Referrals to other agencies

Use the form SSA-L8050-U3 (SSI Claim Information Notice) to refer claimants to other agencies and, when appropriate, for title II benefits. (For instructions on completing the SSA-L8050-U3, see SI 00510.020.)

C. References

  • SI 00601.035 Adjudicating Title II When a Title XVI Application is Filed

  • SI 00510.001 through SI 00510.025 Requirement to File for Other Program Benefits

  • MSOM MSSICS 019.002 Potential Eligibility for Other Benefits Menu (BMEN)

  • MSOM MSSICS 019.010 Social Security Lead (BSSA)

  • SI 02309.010 Processing the Insured Status (KZ) Diary: Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

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