TN 52 (09-11)

SI 00810.001 Income and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Eligibility


Social Security Act, Sections 1611 and 1612 ;

20 CFR 416.1100

A. Background

The following sections explain how to treat income in the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. These rules apply to the Federal benefit and to any federally administered optional State supplement.

This chapter explains how we count income. For guidance on retrospective monthly accounting computation, refer to SI 02005.001

B. Policy for who is eligible for SSI benefits and general income rules

1. Who is eligible

An individual is eligible for SSI benefits if the person:

  • is aged, blind, or disabled; and

  • meets the SSI provisions described in SI 00501.001; and

  • meets the income and resource limits.

2. General income rules

  • Count income on a monthly basis.

  • Generally, the more income an individual has, the lower his or her benefit will be.

  • An individual who has too much income in a particular month is not eligible for SSI in that month.

  • Not all income counts in determining eligibility and benefit amount.

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