TN 29 (07-90)

SI 00810.500 Income Verification


Social Security Act, Section 1631(e)(1)(B);

A. Policy Principles

1. Why verification is necessary

SSA does not determine SSI eligibility solely on the basis of statements concerning eligibility factors by applicants and recipients. We verify relevant information from independent or collateral sources, and obtain additional information as necessary to be sure that only eligible individuals are paid and that payment amounts are correct.

2. Applicant's/Recipient's responsibility

A person applying for or receiving SSI benefits must give SSA any requested information and show necessary documents or other evidence to establish the amount of the individual's income when payment is possible based on the amount of income alleged.

3. Assistance from SSA

SSA will help individuals to get any needed documents they do not have.

B. Operating Policy

1. Burden of proof

Applicants and recipients (or their representative payees) are responsible for providing SSA with proof of income and for reporting any changes in income.

2. Additional verification requirements

See the instructions for the particular type of income involved for additional verification requirements.

3. Initial claims versus posteligibility situations

Unless instructions dealing with particular types of income state otherwise, verification requirements for initial claims also apply in posteligibility situations.

C. References

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