SI KC00815.050 Missouri Blind Pension

A. General

The Missouri Blind Pension Program provides assistance for blind persons who do not qualify for payment under the Supplemental Aid to the Blind Program and who are not eligible for Supplemental Security Income benefits. It is financed entirely by state funds. Each eligible person receives a monthly cash grant and Medicaid.

The Missouri Blind Pension Program has:

  • No income test.

  • Resource limit of $20,000.

B. Policy

The cash received from the Missouri Blind Pension Program is not income for SSI purposes per SI 00815.050.

Any cash (other than remuneration for sheltered employment and incentive payments) provided by a governmental medical or social services program is not income (SI 00815.050D.1).

A social service is any service (other than medical) which is intended to assist a handicapped or socially disadvantaged individual to function in society on a level comparable to that of an individual who does not have such a handicap or disadvantage (SI 00815.050C.1).

C. Procedure

Per SI 00815.050A, assume that governmental medical and social service programs, which provide cash or in-kind items, are authorized to provide such items only in order to provide a medical or social service. Therefore, when an individual alleges receiving cash or in-kind items from a governmental medical or social service program, develop only for the source of the item, not its purpose. The Missouri Blind Pension Program is administered by Family Services of Missouri, a governmental agency, and Blind Pension is to benefit a special group of disabled individuals.

Per SI 00815.050D.1, document the file that the source of the cash is a social services program. Obtain evidence from the individual that the source of the cash is the Missouri Blind Pension Program (e.g., program identification card, notice, or award letter). If the individual has no evidence available, it is not necessary to contact the agency or organization. In these circumstances, obtain a signed statement from the individual indicating the source and amount of payments or in-kind items.

MOHS Verification

Online Blind Pension records are available on MOHS. The case identification number on the IPAR screen begins with “B.”

NOTE – The inquiry may be a lead as the individual's eligibility status may have changed since a prior denial. Develop leads per SI 00601.030 SI 00601.040.

D. References

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