TN 91 (05-24)

SI 00820.142 Alternative Wage Verification - Sheltered Workshop Pays $65 or Less Per Month to All

A. Introduction

A sheltered workshop/work activities center may not have paid any of its program participants more than $65 a month for a particular past period. Once you become aware of such an occurrence, you may set up a precedent file to that effect and use it to verify wages.

B. Policy

The precedent file should contain either a signed statement from the facility or a report of contact with the facility which shows the name of the facility and the period in which it did not pay more than $65 a month to any of its clients. This precedent file must be updated at least annually to be valid.

C. When To Use

The procedure in SI 00820.142D. is used to verify wages in initial claims when an individual alleges they:

  • worked for a sheltered workshop for which the FO has established a precedent file, and

  • never earned over $65 in any month, and

  • worked only for one employer during the period being verified, and

  • was not self-employed.

EXCEPTION:  The specific monthly amounts are verified and entered to the SSR when one or both members of an eligible couple have earned income of $65 or less, but their total earned income exceeds $65 per month.

D. Procedure

Use this procedure to verify wages in initial claims as described in SI 00820.142C.




Does this precedent cover the entire period for which wages are being verified?

  • If yes, go to Step 3.

  • If no, go to Step 2.


Verify any remaining earnings using the verification procedure in SI 00820.135 through SI 00820.135.141.


Charge $65 verified wages for each month covered by the precedent.


Document the precedent using one of the following methods:

  • annotate the precedent and the period covered by the precedent on a locked Report of Contact; or

  • store a copy of the precedent in the Non-Disability Repository (NDRED) using the evidence Portal (EP) or in the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF), as appropriate.



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