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SI 00870.040 Initial PASS Notices

A. Policy -- initial PASS notice

SSA must mail a notice to each individual who submits a PASS advising whether the PASS is approved or disapproved. A copy of the notice is sent to the agency, if any, that is assisting the individual with his/her plan provided the individual has consented to release of information about his/her PASS per SI 00870.004B.2. The PASS expert normally prepares the notice or directs its preparation.

B. Procedure -- PASS expert prepares initial PASS notice

1. General Directions When Preparing Initial Notice

Use the PASS approval and disapproval notices on the Field Office Notice Software (FONS) if available. If not, follow the instructions in NL 00801.010 ff. and NL 00802.001 ff. for preparing a manual notice and NL 00804.100 ff. for the appropriate notice.

2. Notice of Approval

Prepare a notice of approval on an SSA-L8166-C1 located in NL 00802.035. Be sure the notice provides the criteria relative to the approval of the PASS request including the individual's continued responsibilities to:

  • report any changes in circumstances that require changes in the PASS;

  • keep resources and income set aside under the plan separate and identifiable;

  • keep complete records of expenditures (enclose another PASS Expenditure/Savings Record and an SSI Recordkeeper Folder if warranted); and

  • follow the plan.

3. Notice of Disapproval

Prepare a notice of disapproval on an SSA-L8030 (NL 00802.020) or an SSA-L8155 (NL 00803.015), or an SSA-L8166 (NL 00802.035) as appropriate. Be sure the notice explains the reason(s) for disapproval.

4. Notice Distribution and File Documentation

As soon as the notice is prepared, distribute and file it as follows:

  • Send the original notice and a copy of the plan to the individual.

  • Send a copy of the plan and notice to the individual's representative payee, authorized representative or any other third party designated by the individual and, if appropriate, include a copy of the release that was signed by the individual.

  • File a copy of the notice and an original of the plan and any SSA-553, Reports of Contact, Accounting Sheets and other correspondence in the PASS library you maintain (see SI 00870.025D.). Ask the servicing FO, if located elsewhere, to file a copy of the notice in its PASS library for future reference.

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