TN 36 (03-23)

SI 00870.045 Processing PASS Reconsiderations

A. Policy -- general information about processing PASS reconsideration requests

Current regulations provide individuals with the option of having an informal conference as part of the reconsideration process. The regulations further state that the conference is to be conducted by the person who will make the decision on the case. The PASS experts will handle most reconsideration requests. Thus, the instructions that follow are principally directed to them.

B. Procedure -- processing PASS reconsideration requests

1. Individual Requests Case Review

If the individual requests a case review rather than an informal conference, make sure that the case is reviewed by a PASS expert other than the one who made the initial determination.

2. Individual Requests Conference

If the individual, who requests an informal conference, is agreeable to it being handled by telephone, contact the person to ascertain the best time to conduct the teleconference if such information has not been obtained previously. Review the case and be prepared to discuss the issue(s) with the person when you conduct the teleconference. If the individual has pertinent material to submit, ask the person either to mail the material to you, or to take or mail the material to the servicing FO to be mailed or faxed to you. After the teleconference, write your decision and issue the notice to the individual or provide the FO with language to be used in the notice, as appropriate. If the latter, remind the FO to send a copy of the notice to you. Also, make corresponding system's inputs or, if appropriate, advise the FO as to the required inputs.

If the individual insists on the conference being conducted in person, ask your supervisor whether you can travel. If you can't travel, refer the reconsideration request to the manager of the servicing FO, if not already referred. Advise the FO to follow the instructions in SI 00870.020C.

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