SI 01120.000 Identifying Resources

Subchapter Table of Contents
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SI 01120.001 Identifying Resources - Overview TN 32 02-92
SI 01120.005 Distinguishing Resources from Income TN 32 02-92
SI 01120.010 Factors That Make Property a Resource. TN 32 02-92
SI 01120.020 Transactions Involving Agents. TN 80 04-23
SI 01120.022 Conserved Funds When Formally Designated Agent Changes TN 38 02-06
SI 01120.023 Return of Conserved Funds by a Representative Payee TN 60 01-20
SI 01120.100 Home Energy Assistance/Support and Maintenance Assistance TN 82 12-23
SI 01120.105 Certain Stock in Alaska Regional or Village Corporations TN 29 07-90
SI 01120.110 Certain Cash to Purchase Medical or Social Services TN 32 02-92
SI BOS01120.110 Certain Cash to Purchase Medical and Social Services
SI BOS01120.111 Certain Cash To Purchase Medical Or Social Services - Massachusetts Catastrophic Illness In Children Relief Fund
SI 01120.112 Retroactive In-Home Supportive Services Payments to Ineligible Spouses and Parents TN 32 02-92
SI 01120.115 Death Benefits for Last Illness and Burial Expenses TN 34 08-99
SI 01120.150 Gifts of Domestic Travel Tickets TN 34 08-99
SI 01120.195 Trusts Established under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) for Minor Children and Legally Incompetent Adults (IGRA Trusts) TN 82 12-23
SI 01120.199 Early Termination Provisions and Trusts TN 84 05-24
SI 01120.200 Information on Trusts, Including Trusts Established Prior to January 01, 2000, Trusts Established with the Assets of Third Parties, and Trusts Not Subject to Section 1613(e) of the Social Security Act TN 83 05-24
SI BOS01120.200 Grantor Trusts (RTN 263 - 12/2009)
SI CHI01120.200 Revocability of Grantor Trusts -- Chicago Region State Laws (RTN 413 -- 06/2008)
SI DAL01120.200 Trust Property
SI KC01120.200 Revocability of Grantor Trusts (RTN 9 - 06/2017)
SI NY01120.200 Revocability of Grantor Trusts –New York and New Jersey State Laws – RTN 386
SI 01120.201 Trusts Established with the Assets of an Individual on or after 01/01/00 TN 83 05-24
SI ATL01120.201 Trust Property
SI CHI01120.201 Trusts
SI 01120.202 Development and Documentation of Trusts Established on or After 01/01/00 TN 83 05-24
SI ATL01120.202 State Medicaid Staff Mailing Addresses
SI SEA01120.202 State Medicaid Staff Mailing Addresses TN 61 03-20
SI 01120.203 Exceptions to Counting Trusts Established on or after January 1, 2000 TN 83 05-24
SI BOS01120.203 MARC Special Needs Pooled Trust (TN 5-241 - 8/2003)
SI DEN01120.203 Mailing Addresses for Medicaid Eligibility Decisions on Trusts TN 62 04-20
SI KC01120.203 Nonprofit Status of Pooled Trusts in the KC Region (RTN 09 07/2009)
SI NY01120.203 Policy—Exception to Counting Medicaid Trusts : Legal Guardians (RTS-418 07/2008)
SI 01120.204 Notices for Trusts Established on or after 1/1/00 TN 59 09-19
SI ATL01120.204 Uniform Gifts To Minors Act
SI 01120.205 Uniform Transfers to Minors Act TN 90 06-24
SI BOS01120.205 Uniform Gifts To Minors Act (UGMA) And Uniform Transfers To Minors Act (UTMA)
SI CHI01120.205 Uniform Gifts/Transfers To Minors Act
SI DAL01120.205 Uniform Gifts to Minors Act
SI DEN01120.205 Uniform Gift to Minors Act
SI KC01120.205 Uniform Gifts to Minors Act
SI NY01120.205 Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA)
SI SEA01120.205 The Legal Age of Majority for Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA)
SI SF01120.205 Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) and Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) – Age of Majority (TN 1 - 02/2008)
SI 01120.210 Retirement Funds TN 29 07-90
SI 01120.215 Inheritances and Unprobated Estates TN 82 12-23
SI KC01120.215 Inheritances and Unprobated Estates
SI NY01120.215 Inheritances (RTN 422 (02/2010)
SI 01120.220 Cash Loans TN 85 05-24
SI ATL01120.220 Informal Loans (RTN 22 – 02/2011)
SI BOS01120.220 Informal Loans
SI CHI01120.220 Oral Loans (RTN 418 -- 12/2010)
SI DEN01120.220 Informal Loans in the Denver Region
SI KC01120.220 Oral Loans in the KC Region (RTN 10 07/2009)
SI NY01120.220 C Policy- Informal Loans
SI SEA01120.220 Oral Loan Agreements in the Seattle Region
SI CHI01120.221 Validity of Loans to Minors (RTN 371 -- 11/2005)
SI 01120.225 Pooled Trusts Management Provisions TN 86 05-24
SI 01120.227 Null and Void Clauses in Trust Documents TN 89 05-24
SI 01120.230 Health Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSAs) TN 46 09-12
SI 01120.235 Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) TN 46 09-12

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