TN 32 (02-92)

SI 01120.001 Identifying Resources - Overview

A. Introduction

This subchapter deals with the process of applying the basic principles in subchapter SI 01110 in determining whether property (an asset) is a resource. If it is a resource,subchapters SI 01130 and SI 01150 provide guidance on possible exclusions. If a resource is not excludable, see subchapter SI 01140. These guidelines apply to both initial claims and to posteligibility situations.

B. Related policies

1. Significance of Asset/Resource Distinction

SI 01110.100 A.

2. Resources Defined

SI 01110.100 B.

3. Assets that are not Resources

SI 01110.115; SI 01120.100 ff.

4. Treatment of Assets as Income/Resources

SI 01110.600 C.3, 01120.005.

5. Resource Conversion

SI 01110.600 B.4.

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