SI 01220.000 Special Resource Provision

Subchapter Table of Contents
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SI 01220.001Special State Resource Provision—General Summary of ProvisionTN 1 11-96
SI 01220.100Criteria for Application of State Resource Limitations and ExclusionsTN 1 11-96
SI 01220.200Spouse Ineligible Under State Plan in December 1973TN 1 11-96
SI 01220.250Death, Divorce, or Separation After December 1973—PolicyTN 1 11-96
SI 01220.300Applying Specific October 1972 State Plan Rules—ProcedureTN 1 11-96
SI BOS01220.300State-by-State Tables of Resource Limits and Exclusions 
SI CHI01220.300State Plan Resource Limits and Exclusions 
SI DEN01220.300State-By-State Tables Of Resource Limits And Exclusions 
SI PHI01220.300State Plan for Resource Disregards: Region III (Philadelphia) 
SI SF01220.300Arizona Grandfathered Resource Provisions 
SI SF01220.310California Grandfathered Resource Provisions 
SI SF01220.320Hawaii Grandfathered Resource Provisions 
SI SF01220.330Nevada Grandfathered Resource Provisions 

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