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SI 01310.635 SSA-8010-BK - Self-Employment - Question 4

A. Procedure

1. Self-Employment Status

If the person making the statement answers question 4(a) “Yes,” obtain the following information in (b):

  • type of business (e.g., shoe repair)

  • last tax year's gross income (for the tax year before application)

  • last tax year's net income (profit) or loss

  • this tax year's expected net income or loss

  • the dates of self-employment.

NOTE: A verified net loss from self-employment can reduce other earned income.

2. Decrease in Net Income

Explain any significant decrease in net income from the last tax year to the current tax year in “Remarks.”

3. Reminders

  1. a. 

    Explain to a self-employed individual that he/she should submit evidence of his/her net earnings (or loss) from self-employment after the current taxable year ends.

  2. b. 

    List the assets of the business in questions 6-12 if the SSA-8010-BK is being completed for anyone other than an ineligible child.

  3. c. 

    If the person alleges no self-employment activity, go to question 5.

B. References

  • Net earnings from self-employment (NESE), SI 00820.200 ff.

  • Exclusion of property essential for self-support, SI 01140.001 ff.

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