SI NY01801.003 (New Jersey) Households Not Eligible For Food Stamps


SSA will not take a FS application from an individual whose residence has been determined to be a commercial boarding house by the State/county FS office. Since there is no listing of these facilities, the local FO management should contact the county FS office if there is any question as to whether a facility is a commercial boarding house. If the FS office has determined, in writing, that the residence is a commercial boarding establishment, then the FO will not have to take the application.


The New Jersey FS agency has determined that residents of institutions appearing in the New Jersey Congregate Care and Title XIX Long Term Care Facilities listing are generally not eligible for FS. The one exception is that certain residences described as licensed health care facilities are also considered to be drug and alcohol treatment centers. Residents of these treatment centers are FS eligible.

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SI NY01801.003 - (New Jersey) Households Not Eligible For Food Stamps - 03/13/2003
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