SI NY01801.005 (New Jersey) The Food Stamp Application

The State of New Jersey determined that they want all FOs in New Jersey to take the FSP-901 "Application For Participation in the Food Stamp Program" instead of the national FS application. This has been approved by both FNS and SSA. The form is self-explanatory. FOs who service residents of New Jersey should continue to use only the FSP-901 to take FS applications/recertifications.

After completing the food stamp application, the SSA interviewer should emphasize that any additional contacts relevant to the FS application must be made with the FS agency. The SSA interviewer will give the applicant the address and telephone number of the servicing FS office.

All FOs should keep FS applications, posters and pamphlets in the reception area.

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SI NY01801.005 - (New Jersey) The Food Stamp Application - 03/13/2003
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