SI CHI02003.020 Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) in the State of Michigan (RTN 420 - 07/2011)

A. IAR Programs in Michigan

Effective January 1, 2010, the State of Michigan implemented a new state funded program called “State Family Independence Program” (SFIP). The state has now been approved to be reimbursed for these funds under the IAR process. Previously, the state was only reimbursed for State Disability Assistance (SDA). The benefits now offered by the State of Michigan are listed below:

  • State Disability Assistance (SDA)

  • State Family Independence Program (SFIP)

  • Federal Family Independence Program (FFIP)

B. Workflow for Processing IAR Cases

Please review the following flow chart to properly process eIAR cases in the State of Michigan; it can also be used as a desk guide.

Work flow for Michigan Interim Assistance Reimbursement Cases



Step 1

You receive information from DDS or the ALJ that the SSI case is approved.

Step 2

The PERC is initiated by the FO. If the claimant has TANF (F1 income) on the record along with a GR, code then continue to STEP 3. If the claimant has a GR code on the SSR but does not have F1 income, go to STEP 6

Step 3

DO NOT ADJUDICATE THE CASE YET. Complete the attached worksheet by showing the name, SSN, and the period of the PERC only. Fax the completed worksheet to the state of Michigan using the following information:

Irma Carrillo

Michigan Department of Human Services

Recoupment Unit

Division of Revenue and Federal Reporting

Fax number: (517) 763-0400

Step 4

If the worksheet is not returned within 10 business days, contact Irma Carrillo at (517) 284-9407. If the worksheet is not received 5 days after contact with Ms. Carrillo, contact the SSI Policy Team at

Step 5

When you receive the worksheet, ensure the F1 income is posted correctly to the SSR and adjudicate the case. The SDA and SFIP should be posted to the ISLA screens and the FFIP should be posted to the IADC screens.

Step 6

Once the case is in pay, and the input for the U/P is completed, make sure the UPV code is set to V. This will allow the new eIAR system to reimburse the state automatically.

Step 7

There is no further action for the FO to take unless you have an eIAR Exception or eIAR Intervention case.

What the eIAR System Will Do

The eIAR system will send an email to the State of Michigan requesting them to report payments made during the IAR period. Once this information is input to the eIAR system by the state, the system will send a payment to the state and any remaining balance to the claimant simultaneously.

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