SI NY02003.102 Reimbursement to the State for Interim Assistance Payments (RTS 371 - 06/2003)

A. Background

An IAR Agreement has been in effect with the State Of New York from October 1974 to the present (See SI NY02003.080 for large retroactive checks due after 12/01/96.)

B. The Automated Authorization Notification Procedure

To accommodate the automated process, IAR authorization language has been incorporated into Home Relief (HR) application and recertification forms. The actual IAR authorizations will not be sent to SSA FOs, but rather, SSA will accept, for both protective filing and interim assistance reimbursement purposes, New York's "notice" (via computer) that it has a signed IAR authorization in file. Grant reimbursement (GR) codes will be accreted to the SSR by means of an interface between the SSR and New York State's tape containing selected HR recipients. New York produces the tape of HR recipients that is sent weekly to CO to be matched against the SSR by matching their active HR rolls against those names on the SDX which meet certain criteria. Since matching cannot occur without an SSI claimant's record first appearing on the SDX it is extremely important that SSA FOs set up a record immediately upon receipt of a claim or immediately upon receipt of an ALJ or Appeals Council reversal where the prior record is in terminated status. NOTE: A GR code will not accrete to the SSR unless a living arrangement and state and county code have been input.

SSA FOs should not routinely make a manual input of a GR code to the SSR unless they are creating a new record and bringing the GR code forward from the terminated record. When an allowance is being processed, FOs should verify the receipt of any Home Relief (HR) with the Human Resources Administration (HRA) when HR is alleged but no GR code is posted. This verification with HRA also applies to Aged claims and couples cases where the claim is established on the system and put into pay with the same input. In New York City contact NYC HRA. All contacts outside of NYC should be made with the counties. A Report of Contact should be used to document the file.

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