TN 7 (09-01)

SI 02101.055 Releasing SSI Underpayments of $50,000 or More

A. Process

The SSI system cannot issue a single payment for $50,000 or more. Multiple payments are required to reduce the pending UP to less than $50,000. The method of payment (installment, A-OTP, force due, M-OTP) is decided based on data on the record being processed.

For installment payments, after the appropriate code has been entered on the UOUP screen (see MSOM BUSSR 004.018), the system will issue the correct installment payments even when the total UP is $50,000 or more.

NOTE: If the third and final installment payment is $50,000 or more, an AOTP should be used to reduce the underpayment below $50,000. When the UP is reduced below $50,000, the system will release the remaining underpayment. See SM 01311.660 and SM 01311.670 .

B. References

  • How to Decide to Use Force Due, SM 01701.001

  • Force Due Process, MSOM BUSSR 002.006

  • Steps Required to Issue an A-OTP, SM 01901.015

  • Basic Rules for Issuing a One-Time Payment, SM 01901.100

  • Manual One-Time Payment (M-OTP), SM 01901.400

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