TN 15 (02-95)

SI 02301.210 Reinstatement

A. Policy

Notice Requirements

Reinstatement of benefits requires a written notice that explains the basis for the action and how to appeal.

NOTE: The system sends the required notice for most reinstatement inputs. For an exception, see SI 02301.220 on unconfirmed eligibility (N05).

B. Procedure

Follow these steps when an individual requests reinstatement:

1Review the recipient's record and any information the recipient offers to determine if you can reinstate benefits without a new application. See SI 02301.205 on reestablishing eligibility.
2Follow applicable instructions on processing reports in SI 02301.010.
3Conduct a redetermination as needed based on any changes that occurred or the period in nonpay. See SI 02305.022 on when to conduct an unscheduled redetermination.
4Reinstate benefits for any nonpay month (or days in a nonpay month) that the recipient meets all eligibility requirements. If unable to confirm eligibility for a past nonpay period, follow N05 instructions in SI 02301.220.
5Send a manual notice if the system cannot issue the appropriate notice for the reinstatement input. See NL 00801.010B for manual notice situations.
6Conduct a continuing disability review (CDR) when required. See DI 13001.001 for events which may initiate a CDR and CDR instructions.
7Follow appeals procedures in SI 04020.010 if the recipient is ineligible for benefits in the 60-day appeal period after the suspension/ termination notice and wishes to appeal.

C. References

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