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SI 02301.307 Manual Goldberg Kelly (GK) Notice Procedures

A. Introduction

The system issues an automated Goldberg Kelly (GK) notice for most GK notice situations processed outside the GK temporary period. During the GK temporary period, the field offices (FOs) can select an Online GK notice when an adverse action is processed in MSSICS. However, there are some situations which require FOs to issue a manual GK notice when neither an automated nor an online GK notice can be produced.

B. Procedure

Follow these steps to issue a manual GK notice:




Use the Document Processing System (DPS) to complete an SSA-L8155-U2 (or another standard notice form as appropriate) using appropriate captions and paragraphs from NL 00804.105. Follow instructions in NL 00803.020.


Date the notice the day you mail it (or hand it to the recipient in the FO).


Mail the notice at least 15 days (or hand it to the recipient at least 10 days) before the first day of the adverse action month.


Place a copy of the notice in the recipient's file or ensure a copy is retained in the Online Retrieval System (ORS). When applicable, annotate the copy with the date it was handed to the recipient.


Suppress the systems notice for the situation, if appropriate.

NOTE: To suppress the systems GK notice during the GK temporary period, input required DPD entries (see SM 01305.530). Input of NP1000 in the Notice Suppression (NP) field alone without the appropriate DPD entries will not suppress the notice.

C. List of Manual GK Notice Situations

The following is a list of some of the situations that require a manual GK notice procedure:

  • The system cannot identify an adverse action and send the correct notice due to an underpayment (payment type codes 2 or 4) (SM 01305.520B.)

  • A recipient receives an erroneous payment (SI 02301.315 and SM 01305.530C.)

  • The system cannot identify an adverse action in certain eligible couple cases including where both members do not have the same payment status and/or address data (SM 01305.595), or where eligibility status changes in a voluntary termination case (SI 02301.230).

  • An adverse action occurs and the record is in protected payment status or force pay/force due (SI 02301.325, SM 01701.001 and MSOM BUSSR 002.004 - MSOM BUSSR 002.019 .)

  • The FO must reduce payments due to an incorrect appeal decision (SI 02301.330)

  • The system cannot issue a notice for an adverse action or the systems notice would be incorrect or incomplete (NL 00801.010)

  • Additional situations that occur rarely such as adverse actions in conversion cases and N52/N53 deletions (SM 01305.530).

  • The system can not generate the Notice of Planned Action (SSA L8155) with the GK payment continuation language when there are multiple online transactions in one day (NL 00801.010).

D. References

  • SSI Notification Policy and Procedures, NL 00801.001

  • SSI Posteligibility Notices, NL 00803.001

  • Goldberg/Kelly Payment Continuation Process, SM 01305.500

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