TN 56 (10-07)

SI 02305.002 Changes to the Redetermination Process for FY2008

A. Background

Unlike prior Fiscal Years (FY), the number of workyears allocated for processing redeterminations (RZs) and Limited Issues (LIs) in FY 2008 is larger than in FY 2007. Because of the increase in workyears, the number of High Error Profile (HEP) Redeterminations (RZs) and Limited Issues (LIs) selected will be greater than were selected in FY 2007. Also the A, B and UC profiles will again be selected.

B. Redetermination Profiles

NOTE: Documentation requirements for MSSICS and non-MSSICS cases are in SI 02305.059A and SI 02305.072A.

1. Profiles D and Y

Cases with the characteristics of profiles D (deceased spouse, parent, or essential person) and Y (Force Pay/Force Due) are scored, and selected as high error profile (HEP) RZs if the score meets or exceeds the HEP cutoff. However, in FY 2008 profiles D and Y will not be scored and therefore will not be selected.

2. Profiles A and B (DOC Exclusion Cases)

Profile A and B RZs are DOC exclusions because they have a high priority diary set on the record. These cases will be selected in FY 2008 as medium error profile (MEP) RZs.

3. Profile UC (Unredetermined Case)

Cases with the characteristics of Profile UC Federal living arrangement (FLA) B, are selected 3 months after the first payment was made.

4. Profile A (DOC LEP Selections)

Profile A RZs (Low Error Profile (LEP) cases that have not had a RZ completed within the last six years), are DOC Exclusion cases. These cases will not be selected in FY 2008.

NOTE: ALL RZ forms have the same name: “Statement for Determining Continuing Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income Payments.”

5. Profile C

The majority of Profile C (HEP cases with scores above the cut off) will be selected for FO processing in FY 2008. As in FY 2007, approximately 54,000 Profile C cases (as well as 6,000 Profile W cases) will be processed by the eRZ mailer.

6. Profile W

As in FY 2007, cases with the characteristics of Profile W (1619(b) (Medicaid while working)) will be selected for eRZ mailer processing in FY 2008.

C. Permission to Contact Financial Institutions

Permission to contact financial institutions must be requested from all recipients and deemors with all RZs initiated in a FO. See SI 00515.001B. and SI 00515.001D. Also, completion of either the AFIP screen or the paper permission must be completed for any pending open RZ event initiated prior to 11/18/2006.

D. Enhancements to the eRZ Process

The following changes were made to the eRZ program:

  • Additional pending list selection choices are available for Multiple PE Events and All PE Events were added.

  • The Transfer to FO tab was eliminated. Reasons for transferring cases to FOs were incorporated into the Discrepancies tab.

  • StaRZ and Stripes the Next Generation was linked to the eRZ system.

  • The ability to post the eRZ completion to both Change and No Change RZs was added. All other record updates must be completed via MSSICS.

  • The ability to return to the Pending List without returning to the Home Page was added.

  • The ability to print a pending list was added.

  • The number of cases returned on a pending list was increased from 10 to 25.

  • The eRZ will reflect updates of recipient, spouse and/or representative payee’s name changes on the SSR.

E. eRZ Forms

There are minor revisions to the eRZ forms including:

  • re-positioning of one answer box in Question 1;

  • removing one money amount answer box for income questions;

  • revision to the title II lead questions; and

  • deletion of the second part of the fugitive felon questions.

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