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SI 02305.072 Developing the Issues Documented During a RZ

A. Introduction

The instructions in sections SI 02305.083 through SI 02305.110 outline the development/documentation requirements for the recipient or their rep payee's allegations during the redetermination (RZ) interview.

Instructions provide alternatives to be used depending on the circumstances of a case. All alternatives must be read before deciding what actions are necessary.

The instructions include the statements “other information agrees” and “other information conflicts.” Wherever these statements appear, they refer to the comparison of recipients' allegations and prior information (see SI 02305.070F.3. for definitions of prior information.).

NOTE: Effective 11/18/2006 permission to contact financial institutions must be requested at all RZs initiated by field offices (FOs). See SI 00515.001B. and SI 00515.001D. Documentation instructions for the Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System (MSSICS) cases are in SI 00515.001D.1 Documentation instructions for non-MSSICS cases are in SI 00515.001D.2.

B. Procedure

1. Completing Fill-in Spaces on Paper Forms

If you do not need to document additional information in the fill-in spaces, leave them blank.

EXAMPLE: Question 6 on the SSA-8203-BK which elicits information about others moving into or out of a recipient's household during the period of review is answered “yes.” A 30-year-old person moved into the household. Since they cannot be an ineligible child, leave the ineligible child fill-in spaces blank.

2. Information Missing on Paper Forms

Do not add any information (e.g., to correct an answer or complete a fill-in space) to a signed form. If the missing information affects eligibility and/or payment amount and is not subject to verification, obtain the information on a signed statement and retain it in the file (see GN 00205.015 - GN 00205.020).

If the missing information does not affect eligibility or payment amount (informational data) or is subject to verification, complete an RC and retain it in the file (see GN 00205.015).

3. Information Missing on MSSICS Screens

When information is added to a MSSICS screen after the RZ printout is signed, have the recipient sign the amended RZ printout only if the additional information is supplied by the recipient.

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