TN 56 (10-07)

SI 02305.013 RZ Error Profiles

A. Process

The following explains the error profile process and how couple's cases are profiled.

1. How Profiles Are Determined

a. Based on Error Scores Profiles A and B

The following explains how profiles based on error scores are determined.

  • A computer program determines the number of changes that has occurred on a record.

  • Cases are given a score based on the estimated amount of change.

  • Records are ranked by scores.

  • Profile codes are assigned according to rank.

  • UC profile cases are selected from living arrangement FLA B cases.

b. Not Based on Error Scores Profiles E, K, M, O, V, W and UC

These RZs are selected based on specific case characteristics. Error scores are not considered for these profiles.

EXAMPLE: Profile K RZs are selected because of a critical birthday. They are selected the month the individual turns 18.

2. How Couple's Cases Are Profiled

Couple's cases are profiled based on the score of the primary member. The SSR and the RZ/LI Listings on SUMS/MCAS/MI Central show the profile code of the primary member of the couple. If the primary member is in denial or non-pay status, the profile is based on the score of the other member.

B. Kinds of Profiles

The following describes the different kinds of profiles.

1. Unredetermined Case (UC) Profile

The unredetermined case (UC) profile is:

  • For recipients who have never been redetermined; and

  • Are in Federal Living Arrangement B.

NOTE: Cases profiled as UC RZs but not selected are subject to selection in the subsequent fiscal year's post-eligibility (PE) selection process.

2. Post-eligibility (PE) Profiles

PE profiles are:

  • For recipients who have had a previous RZ or were previously profiled as UC's but not selected;

  • Based on error scores; and

  • Coded high-error, middle-error, or low-error profiles (i.e., HEP, MEP, or LEP).

NOTE: Federal living arrangement D (FLA D) cases are selected only if they meet HEP criteria.

C. Description of the UC RZ Profile Codes

The UC profile code and its error category are described below:

UC Profile Codes




Federal Living Arrangement B


D. Description of PE RZ Profile Codes

The PE profile codes and the error category for each are described below.

PE Profile Codes


Error Category


Profile based on error score



Profile based on error score



Profile based on error score



Record reached maximum entries, meets TREBDET exclusion



Critical Birthday Age 18 (KB diary)



Record reached maximum entries, doesn't meet TREBDET exclusions



RZ pending 24 months or more



Martinez Court Case Settlement