TN 54 (11-06)

SI 02305.115 Residence Address - RZs

A. Introduction

This section provides instructions on what to do when recipients allege mailing addresses different from their residence addresses.

B. Description of RZ Completed on MSSICS Screens

Opening a “REDETERMINATION with or without RECAPs” event creates a MSSICS “path” which guides the interviewer to the appropriate screens to document allegations of a mailing address different from their residence address, as necessary.

C. Description of Form SSA-8202-BK - Page 4

Page 4 of the SSA-8202-BK — “If the address where you live is different from the address where you get your mail, please give the address where you live:”

D. Description of Form SSA-8202-OCR-SM – Question 1

Question 1 on the SSA-8202-OCR-SM—Since [pre-printed date], have you moved to a new address?

E. Description of Form SSA-8203-BK - Page 8

Page 8 of the SSA-8203-BK — The residence statement duplicates the one on page 4 of the SSA-8202-BK.

F. Description of Form SSA-3988-OCR-SM – Question 3

Question 3 on the SSA-3988-OCR-SM—Since [pre-printed date], have you lived at a different address?

G. Description of Form SSA-3989-OCR-SM – Question 4

Question 4 on the SSA-3989-OCR-SM—Since [pre-printed date], has the child or the child's representative payee moved to a new address?

H. Procedure

1. Documentation - MSSICS

  1. Document the residence address on the ARES screen in MSSICS (see MSOM MSSICS 008.013).

  2. Document the mailing address on the ADDR screen.

2. Documentation - Paper Forms – SSA-8202-BK and SSA-8203-BK

Document the residence address in the space provided or in the REMARKS section of the paper RZ forms.

3. Documentation – Electronic Mailer Forms

  1. Question 1 on the SSA-8202-OCR-SM provides space to document a change of address.

  2. Question 3 on the SSA-3988-OCR-SM provides space to document a change of address.

  3. Question 4 on the SSA-3989-OCR-SM provides space to document a change of address.

4. Representative Payee Involvement

See SM 01301.485C. and MSOM RPS 002.006 for proper input of residence address.

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