TN 88 (11-23)

SI 02305.116 Signatures - RZs

A. Introduction

Spaces for the following signatures are provided on the MSSICS RZ printout Forms SSA-8202-BK and SSA-8203-BK.

  • Recipient and eligible spouse;

  • Witnesses; and

  • Representative Payee.

NOTE: Most redeterminations processed through MSSICS will use alternative signature methods. See SI 02305.003. The signature block may be crossed out if the RZ form was provided to the individual.

B. Policy

1. Recipient

Recipients sign in the space labeled “Your Signature.” See SI 02305.116C.6. if a recipient has a representative payee.

2. Eligible Couple

Both the recipient and the eligible spouse sign in the spaces provided labeled “Your Signature” and “Spouse's Signature.”

3. Recipient and Ineligible Spouse

The recipient signs the form in the space labeled “Your Signature.”

4. The ineligible spouse does not sign in the spouse's signature space.

NOTE: See SI 02305.116B.5. if an ineligible spouse is the recipient's rep payee.

5. Witnesses

Witnesses are required when a recipient signs by mark.

Two witnesses' signatures are required in spaces labeled “Signature of Witness.”

EXCEPTION: An FO employee's signature will suffice if the mark is made in their presence. Employees must indicate their title below their signature.

6. Representative Payee

  1. a. 

    A representative payee must sign using alternative signature methods (See SI 02305.003) on behalf of incompetent/incapable recipients in the space provided on RZ forms, unless a change of payee is made at the time of the RZ.

    NOTE: Incompetent/incapable recipients' signatures are not required.

  2. b. 

    Ineligible spouses who are recipients' rep payee's sign in the rep payee space provided on the forms.

    NOTE: If rep payee development is needed, see GN 00502.001.

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