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SI 02309.003 Attainment of Age 18 - KB Diary - Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

A. The KB Diary Selection Process

The system selects the KB diary as a scheduled redetermination (RZ) the month of age 18 attainment. If the Supplemental Security Record (SSR) has both a priority select diary and a KB diary with a future date, the system sets a limited issue for the priority select diary and delays the RZ until the month the KB diary matures. This selection process avoids multiple RZs setting on a single SSR in a fiscal year. For more information on the KB diary, see SI 02305.017C.

B. Completing an RZ with a KB Diary

For MSSICS cases, conduct the RZ using the SSI Claims system. For non-MSSICS cases, conduct the RZ using Forms SSA-8202-BK (Statement for Determining Continuing Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income Payment) or SSA-8203-BK (Statement for Determining Continuing Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income Payments). For additional information on when to complete a paper or electronic RZ, see SI 02305.032.A.3.

Cover the following issues during the RZ:

  • Determine if the child meets the definition of a student per SI 00501.020B.

  • Determine if the child is eligible for Title II or other benefits (e.g., disabled adult child benefits, a private pension, or government pension benefits based on child's relationship to parent).

    • If the child works, he/she may have special insured status for Title II disability.

    • If the child receives Title II child's benefits and has not yet filed a disabled adult child's claim, refer the child to a Title II Claims Specialist to take the claim.

NOTE: If Title II child's benefits terminate due to attainment of age 18, the system will set a 2F diary on the record per SM 02001.207.

  • Consider direct payment of benefits.

  • Develop the correct living arrangement(s).

C. Clearing an RZ with a KB diary


1. What actions to take when clearing an RZ with a KB diary

Take the following actions to clear an RZ with a KB diary:

  • For cases in the SSI Claims system, complete the RZ and input a living arrangement change to update the Type of Master Record (TMR) to DI/BI. REMINDER: the living arrangement change date must be equal to MM/DD/YY of the recipient’s 18th birthday. Document the student status on the Household Composition and Student Data pages.

  • For non-MSSICS cases, transmit RZ completion via an SSA-1719b input. At the same time, input Student Indicator (SY) and Type of Record (TY) to update the TMR to DI/BI (see SM 01305.770).

Additionally, complete a disability redetermination within the year after the recipient attains age 18. (DDS employees, see DI 23570.001 through DI 23570.110. FO employees, see DI 11070.001 through DI 11070.040.) Use the Disability Control File (DCF) and the Post Entitlement Operational Data Store (PE ODS) to determine when the disability redetermination is scheduled. Coordinate the RZ and the disability redetermination where appropriate.

See also:

SM 01305.780 SY Field - Student Indicator

SM 01501.250 Overview of Redetermination Related Diaries and Alerts

2. What actions to take when the recipient's date of birth is incorrect

If the recipient's date of birth is incorrect on the SSR and the recipient is not yet age 18, correct the date of birth. This action will resolve the diary and clear the profile K RZ in the next monthly merge run.


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