TN 24 (06-99)

SI 02310.100 SSI Duplicate Payment Project

A. Background

The Supplemental Security Income Duplicate Payment Project (SSIDPP) is an annual activity performed to eliminate the possibility of one SSI recipient receiving duplicate payments because of duplicate records. The project is run around August of each year with the following objectives:

  • To terminate the incorrect records of those SSI recipients with multiple records on the Supplemental Security Record (SSR);

  • To identify any resulting overpayments for development; and

  • To maintain the data integrity of the SSR and the integrity of the SSI program.

B. Description of case material

Cases for this project are selected if they contain:

  • matching names; and

  • same month and year of birth;

Case material consists of:

  • Case control sheets for both SSNs affected;

  • Numidents; and

  • Supplemental Security Income Displays (SSIDs)

C. Process

1. Office of Systems Requirements (OSR)

OSR transmits the case materials to the Office of Central Operations (OCO).

2. OCO

OCO will:

  • screen the cases to determine which need to be sent to FOs for further screening and final action;

  • prepare case lists for each regional office listing the cases numerically by FO code. OCO will also assign a servicing office if two FOs are involved. A copy of the regional list will be sent to each FO that has a case(s) to screen and to each regional office. The listing will be annotated “SSIDPP — See SI 02310.100”; and

  • mail the cases to the appropriate FO for necessary processing.

D. Procedure — FOs

For those cases on the control list for which you are the servicing FO, locate the case control sheets, the SSIDs and NUMIDENT data for each case control number. Send any misdirected cases to the correct servicing office with a copy of the control list and the case materials.

1. Duplicate Record/Payment Made

Develop each case for your office as shown below:

For those cases that appear to involve duplicate records on which payment has been made on both records, check all pertinent FO records/files or contact the individual(s) or representative payee to confirm that the two records pertain to the same individual. Terminate the incorrect record using payment status code T20 (see SM 01305.001O.27.) and include the correct SSN in the Multiple Social Security Number (M1) field. On the correct record input the incorrect SSN from the T20 record in the (M1) field (see
SM 01301.665). Develop any overpayment.

NOTE: If the SSN on the T20 record was also issued to the individual through the enumeration process, input the SSN to the MA field as well as the M1 field.

2. Duplicate Record/No Payment Made

For those cases that involve duplicate records, but no payment has been made on one or both records, terminate the incorrect record using payment status code T50 (see SM 01801.100 - SM 01801.120) to prevent issuance of duplicate payments.

NOTE: If the duplicate record contains a MSSICS pending file that has not been archived, clear the file by using MANCLR MSSICS prior to input of PSY T50 (See MSOM MSSICS 004.011 Manual Processes).

3. Fraud

Follow instructions in GN 04101.010 if you suspect fraud.

4. Records Belong to Different Individuals

If the records belong to different individuals, take no further action and destroy the case material.

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