HI 00801.066 QC Requirement

In addition to meeting all other requirements for entitlement to HI under the deemed insured provision an individual who attains age 65 after 1967 must have not less than 3 quarters of coverage, whenever acquired, for each year after 1966 and before the year he attains age 65. No QC's are required for persons attaining age 65 before 1968. The QC requirement is as follows:

Year Attains Age 65QC Requirement
Before 1968None

1 Women who attained age 65 in 1973 are fully insured with 19 QC's.

2 Applies only to men since women are fully insured with the number of QC's shown. Years after 1974 not shown as men are fully insured in 1975 with 24 QC's.

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HI 00801.066 - QC Requirement - 09/15/1989
Batch run: 01/27/2009