TN 19 (03-93)

HI 00805.070 Who May Execute a Valid Request for SMI Enrollment

A. Policy

1. Who may file

An individual who is competent and physically able to transact business must file his/her own request for enrollment. The enrollment request must be filed during a prescribed enrollment period. See HI 00805.060.

An individual who is incompetent, or is competent but physically unable to apply for enrollment, may be enrolled by a legal guardian or representative payee, if he/she has one.

If there is no representative payee (e.g., the individual is a nonbeneficiary), the person providing care and/or support may enroll the individual. If such person is unwilling or uninterested, some other relative or friend willing to assume responsibility for premium payments may file an enrollment request on behalf of the individual.

2. Premium notices

SMI premium notices are sent to the person who filed on behalf of the incompetent individual as long as he/she has such individual in his/her care or assumes responsibility for premium payment. When he/she no longer has the SMI enrollee in his/her care, the notices will be sent directly to the enrollee, unless another person applies to receive them.

B. Reference

  • Selecting a different premium payer, HI 01001.225.

  • MACADE actions in premium payer cases, HI 00825.0803

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