HI 00830.000 Processing Equitable Relief Inquiries

Subchapter Table of Contents
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HI 00830.001Granting Equitable Relief 
HI 00830.005When to Consider Relief 
HI 00830.010Evidence Required 
HI 00830.015Premium Waiver DeterminationsTN 2 06-12
HI 00830.020Enrollment/Disenrollment Determination 
HI 00830.025Erroneous Entitlement to Hospital Insurance (HI) and Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) CoverageTN 3 01-13
HI 00830.030Incorrect SMI Termination 
HI 00830.035Failure to Bill or Deduct Premiums 
HI 00830.040Premium—HI Cases 
HI 00830.045Delayed Deletions from State Buy-InTN 1 08-08
HI 00830.050Erroneous Premium Refund 
HI 00830.055Delayed Terminations 
HI 00830.060Installment Payments for Retroactive PremiumsTN 4 01-17
HI 00830.065Exhibit—Summary Sheet, Installment Payments for Retroactive Premium Due Amounts 

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