TN 3 (11-22)

HI 00920.120 District Office Procedure

When an individual calls or visits the DO and questions a disallowance of a claim for one of the reasons indicated in HI 00920.110, give consideration to the possibilities outlined in HI 00901.020. The microfiche can be used as a source if the beneficiary states they became entitled in sufficient time for the film to reflect the entitlement. When using the microfiche, it should be remembered that the information contained thereon may not be as up-to-date as the data received by the carrier or the query reject. Also, look for indications of possible entitlement on another claim number.

If examination of the microfiche does not resolve the question send a HI/MBR Status Query (HMQ) (see HI 00706.005), and when the replies are received, follow HI 00930.001.

The MBR is not to be used to determine data in the HI system. The fact that data appears on the MBR does not guarantee the same data will be contained in the HI record. If verification of data on the HI record is needed, request an ESQ(HI) or HMQ to also receive an MBR.

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