HI 00930.000 Resolving Entitlement Problems

Subchapter Table of Contents
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HI 00930.001Entitlement Problems 
HI 00930.005Revised Form CMS-2178 U2 (HI/SMI Entitlement Problem Referral)TN 4 01-06
HI 00930.010District Office Procedure 
HI 00930.020Beneficiary Dually Entitled to B and D4 Benefits 
HI 00930.030Health Insurance LAF Codes and Health Insurance Impediments 
HI 00930.040No Impediment Indicator, and MBR and/or HI Require Correction 
HI 00930.050Problem Correction Points 
HI 00930.060Problem Correction Process 
HI 00930.070Problem Case Followup Procedures 
HI 00930.080Completion and Use of the CMS-2178-U2 (HIB/SMIB Entitlement Problem — Priority) 
HI 00930.110Health Insurance Critical Case ProcedureTN 3 04-92

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