HI 01005.000 Premium Health Insurance

Subchapter Table of Contents
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HI 01005.001HI Premium Collection - General - PolicyTN 16 02-95
HI 01005.005Standard Hospital Insurance (HI) PremiumTN 18 09-01
HI 01005.007Reduced Hospital Insurance (HI) PremiumTN 18 09-01
HI 01005.010Premium Increase for Delay in EnrollmentTN 22 03-07
HI 01005.011Exhibit — Standard Hospital Insurance (HI) Premiums and SurchargesTN 21 10-04
HI 01005.012Exhibit — Reduced Hospital Insurance (HI) Premiums and SurchargesTN 21 10-04
HI 01005.015Collection of Health Insurance (Part A) PremiumsTN 17 10-00
HI 01005.020Group Payer Arrangements 
HI 01005.025State OrganizationsTN 19 11-02
HI 01005.700Law on Premium Penalty for Late Enrollment in Effect Prior to 7/86 -Historical Information 
HI 01005.801Premium Billing and Collection Entities and Responsibilities (Includes Billing for Premium SMI)TN 17 10-00
HI 01005.802Premium Collection AddressesTN 17 10-00
HI 01005.803Premium Collection for Insured BeneficiariesTN 17 10-00
HI 01005.804Premium Collection for Uninsured BeneficiariesTN 17 10-00
HI 01005.805HCFA-1626, Notice of Group Billing Arrangement 
HI 01005.806LAF (Ledger Account File) Codes 
HI 01005.807Hospital and Medical Insurance Option Codes 
HI 01005.808State Codes 
HI 01005.809List of Group Payers-Part A and Part BTN 17 10-00
HI 01005.810CMS-2384, Third Party Premium Billing Request 

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