Social Security Act - Sec. 1818 and Sec. 1818A;

Regulations: 42 CFR 408.22, 408.23, and 408.24

TN 16 (02-95)

HI 01005.001 HI Premium Collection - General - Policy

Except as otherwise expressly noted in the subchapter, the same rules on the collection of Part B (supplementary medical insurance - SMI) premiums from nonbeneficiaries who are billed monthly apply when collecting premiums from Premium-HI enrollees. This includes the rules governing due dates, grace periods, and termination for nonpayment.

An HI premium is due for each month of entitlement to Premium-HI coverage, beginning with the first month of such coverage and continuing through the month of death, or if earlier, the month in which such coverage terminates.

Premiums are due for each month of coverage in the grace period, where applicable.

A premium is due for the month of death even though the enrollee dies on the first day of the month.

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