NL 00705.065 Model Letter V — CDB Reentitlement — Alleged Onset Date After End Of 7 Years After Prior Cessation

Prepare on SSA-L951-C2/U2

Social Security Notice

We have determined that you cannot be reentitled to childhood disability benefits. Childhood disability benefits can be paid only if a person has a physical or mental impairment so severe that it prevents him from performing any substantial gainful work. The disability must have last or be expected to last 12 months. The disability must start not later than 7 years after the person's prior entitlement to childhood disability benefits ended. An impairment which may become disabling after the 7 years cannot qualify a person for benefits. The 7-year period in your case ends on            . Since you state that your condition became disabling on            , which is after the end of the 7- year period, you are not entitled to childhood disability benefits.

If you believe that this determination is not correct, you may request that your case be re-examined. If you want this reconsideration, you must request it not later than 60 days from the date you receive this notice. You may make any such request through any Social Security office. If additional evidence is available, you should submit it with your request.

If you do not request reconsideration of your case within the prescribed time period, you still have the right to file anther application at any time.

If you have any questions about your claim, you should get in touch with any Social Security office. If you call in person, please take this notice with you.


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