NL 00705.070 Initial DIB, DWB, or CDB Denial—Does Not Wish To Pursue

Prepare this notice on an SSA-L951-C2/U2 (Social Security Notice).

Social Security Notice

Since you indicated that you did not want us to continue the processing of your claim, we have determined that you are not entitled to (A) (B) (C). We have not made a determination as to whether you are disabled within the meaning of the law.

If you believe this determination is not correct, you may request that your claim be reexamined. If you want this reconsideration, you must request it not later than 60 days from the date you receive this notice. You may make your request through any Social Security office. If additional evidence is available, you should submit it with your request.

If you do not request reconsideration of your claim within the prescribed time period, you still have the right to file another application at any time.

If you have questions about your claim, you may get in touch with any Social Security office. Most questions can be handled by telephone or mail. If you visit an office, however, please take this letter with you.


A. Disability Insurance Benefits

B. Disabled Widow, Widower Benefits

C. Childhood Disability Benefits

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