TN 8 (03-00)

NL 00725.003 MCS - Notice Documentation


MCS does not produce a folder copy of the notice. MCS stores notice information in MCS Notice Display (NDIS). To see what information the notice contained, use function 25 (Notice Display) on the MCS menu. (See MSOM ORS 002.004 for further information on how to obtain and read the display. See NL 00725.003B. for information on UTI's and NL 00725.005 for a complete list of UTI's.)


The UTI is a 6 part alpha/numeric code which identifies the specific text MCS selects for a part of the notice. The parts are a heading, captions, paragraphs, a signature, addresses and enclosures. (See MSOM ORS 001.001 for further information on what the positions of the UTI mean.)

MCS uses UTI's to compose, format and sequence the notice. (See MSOM ORS 001.001 for information on how MCS creates notices.)

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