Basic (01-04)

NL 00750.004 Notices Workflow

The correct process follows:

  • Adjudicator enters the appropriate PC code on the DECI screen.

  • Adjudicator prepares the A101.

  • If a complete notice cannot be used because of EC or MACADE character limitation, adjudicator will use non-MADCAP paragraphs from within AURORA based on the situations displayed in NL 00750.005. Paragraphs must be displayed in event order on the RPOC and/or DW03 screen, along with any required fill-ins.

  • On the A101, indicate an incomplete notice by annotating an "I" in the NOTICE block of the BCRN screen along with any applicable MADCAP paragraphs.

  • Include a remark in both the A101 REMARKS and NOTICE block of the BCRN screen to alert the BA to include AURORA paragraphs in the notice. The remark should read: “include AURORA (and dictated) paragraphs shown on RPOC (or on the DW03) dated MM/DD/YY”. If there is insufficient room on the RPOC or DW03 for all the notice paragraphs, use an SSA-573 available on E-forms to list the paragraphs and fax the SSA- 573 to the PSC. If an SSA-573 is used, the A101 REMARK should tell the BA to “See SSA 573 Faxed To PC For Additional Dictated/AURORA Paragraphs.”

  • Once the A101 is adjudicated, the system places it on the PSC’s trigger list. Note: The adjudicator must code all applicable work activity to the DCF at the time of claim adjudication.

  • PSC processes the A101; and will have either a BA or typist call up the incomplete notice on AURORA, add the requested paragraphs, and release the notice. The entire notice will then be available on ORS.

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