TN 1 (09-04)

NL 00750.003 Language For Multiple Periods Of Disability Cases

Multiple periods of disability entitlement require an additional transitional paragraph to chronologically connect the information about the various periods of entitlement.

A. Procedure

Pick the scenarios that apply to each period of disability entitlement, and connect them using paragraph M30 (NL 00719.025) with dictated language explaining that the following paragraphs refer to the next period of disability.

B. Example

If the situation is a TWP Expired, DIB Cessation With S7 Suspension & T8 EPE Termination followed by re-entitlement with a TWP Expired, But Work Stopped Or Ongoing Work Not SGA situation; put an I* plus any MADCAP paragraphs in the NOTICE block of the A101 BCRN screen.

On the RPOC/DW03 screen, code the AURORA paragraphs as follows:

  • SGA 702.10 (February 1989)(January 1988 through August 1988, and February 1989)

  • TWP203 (Your)(your)(your)(your)(March 1989)(May 1989)(You)(get)(36)(your)(your)(Your)(March 1989)(February 1992)

  • PCINF1000 (considered)(your)(We used your pay stubs, the earnings recorded to your Social Security earnings record, and the Work Activity Report form SSA 821-BK you signed on July 2, 2003.)

  • TER205 (You)(are)(June 1989)(you)(were)

  • M30 (You became re-entitled effective August 2002 because you were disabled and no longer working substantially. However, you returned to work again after that date. The following paragraphs tell you more about how that return to work affects your benefits.)

  • TWP213 (September 2002)(October 2002)(December 2002)(January 2003)(February 2003)(March 2003)(April 2003)(May 2003)(June 2003)

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