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NL 00801.005 Systems-Generated Notices

A. Introduction — SSI Notice System

Most SSI notices are issued from CO through the SSI automated notice system.

B. Process — SSI Notice System

The SSI notice system:

  • Generates notices based on data input to the SSR. The FO makes direct input to the SSR or input to the Modernized SSI Claims System (MSSICS) which passes data to the SSR. The Disability Determination Service (DDS) also makes SSR input.

    NOTE: The FO/DDS cannot select or delete specific paragraphs for automated notices.

  • Generates notices from interfaces with SSA's Master Beneficiary Record, Veterans Administration, Railroad Retirement Board, and Office of Personnel Management.

  • Selects data from records on the SSR for paragraph fill-ins and displays the notice paragraphs in the correct order.

  • Dates notices 7 calendar days after the date the notice action processed on the system, i.e., 7 days after the run date. (This time is necessary for printing, sorting and mailing notices.)

  • Records in the notice history (NOTC) field on the SSR: the date the notice action processed (not the date of the notice which is 7 days later), the notice type, and the paragraph numbers. (The sequence will display the most recent data as the first entry of the segment and will continue, to a maximum of five entries, in descending date order.) See SM 01601.670 for more information about the NOTC field.

  • Sends notices to claimants/recipients and copies to their representative payees and authorized representatives on the SSR. See NL 00801.001B.

  • Sends notice of final decision where there is a change of payee (i.e., payee-to-payee), or to and from direct payment. (See GN 00503.130B.)

    The Representative Payee System (a separate system not based on SSR input) sends advance notice to a competent adult recipient, legal representative, or parent of a child. (See GN 00503.100 and MSOM RPS 009.003.)

  • Beginning July 1992, sends notices to authorized representatives whose names are in field KE on the SSR.

  • Sends Spanish translations (and an English version) of the notices when the SSR is annotated with the request NL 00801.025B.2.a.

  • Sends copies of notices to the FOs when the SSR is annotated with a blind individual's request for the special telephone option. The FO copy has the legend "Social Security - SSI Blind Notice" in the address block. The individual's name, address and telephone number appear in the first paragraph.

  • Suppresses automated notices when the FO/DDS inputs notice suppression codes or, for an SSA-L8155-U2, the required due process data (DPD).

  • Sends notices of overpayment in some cases through the automated overpayment notice system (AONS).

  • Sends messages to FOs in some denial cases that a denial notice has not been sent and FO action is necessary.

    (This situation usually occurs because name or address data input were rejected as the result of a prior surface edit. After FOs resolve the edit and reinput the corrected information, the system will issue the notice.

  • Produces worksheets for cases involving individuals with no income or simple unearned income (see SI 02005.100).

C. Process — Address and Residence Fields on the SSR

1. Address Field (AD)

a. Without Representative Payee

When there is no representative payee, the address (AD) field reflects the mailing address for the recipient for notices (and checks, if no direct deposit). If the mailing address and residence are the same, only the AD field appears on the SSR.

NOTE: Direct deposit does not affect the address and residence fields. Bank codes and addresses are elsewhere on the SSR.

b. With Representative Payee

When there is a representative payee, the AD field reflects the mailing address for the payee for notices (and checks, if no direct deposit).

2. Residence Field (RA)

a. Without Representative Payee

When there is no representative payee and the recipient has a mailing address which is different from his/her residence, the residence field (RA) reflects the residence. However, no mail will be sent to the recipient's residence.

EXAMPLE 1: The recipient wants his checks sent to a mailing address which is different from his residence (RA field) because his mail is stolen frequently. He asks that his notices be sent to a P.O. Box or a relative's home. The AD field will reflect the mailing address.

EXAMPLE 2: The recipient may be temporarily absent for a few months from his residence (RA field). The AD field reflects his mailing address.

b. With Representative Payee

If a competent adult recipient does not live with the representative payee, the recipient's mailing address will be reflected in the RA field.

If the recipient lives with the representative payee, the RA field is blank.

3. Systems Override Procedure for State Supplementation Purposes

If a recipient with a payee has a mailing address for notices which is other than his/her own residence, see SM 01005.400 and SM 01005.420 Also see SM 01005.100 for the systems override procedure in these cases. The override tells the system that both entries are correct. In this situation, the RA field will reflect the recipient's notices mailing address — not the residence address.

D. Description of Automated Notices

Automated notices consist of:

  • a two line universal letterhead, followed by a third line heading telling the reader the type of notice

    EXAMPLE: Social Security Administration Supplemental Security Income Notice of Overpayment

  • subject captions with notice paragraphs produced in specified order

  • two-sided printing

  • form numbers at bottom left of each page.

E. List of Notice Forms

The names of the forms shown below are the same as the third line headings that will appear on the automated notice. The form numbers for the automated notices will also be used on the notice:



  • Notice of Award (SSA-L8025-U2)

NL 00802.010

  • Notice of Disapproved Claim (SSA-L8030-U2)

NL 00802.020

  • Notice of Change in Payment (SSA-L8100-U2)

NL 00803.025,

NL 00803.030

  • Notice of Change in Payment (SSA-L8151-U2)

NL 00803.025,

NL 00803.035

  • Notice of Planned Action (SSA-L8155-U2)

NL 00803.025,

NL 00803.040

  • Important Information (SSA-L8165-U2)

NL 00803.075

  • Important Information (SSA-L8166-U2)

NL 00803.091

  • Notice of Overpayment (SSA-L8170-U3)

NL 00803.100-

NL 00803.135 ,

SM 01310.300

  • Notice of Overpayment (SSA-L8171-U3)

NL 00803.100-

NL 00803.140,

SM 01310.300

  • Notice of Overpayment (SSA-L8172-U3)

NL 00803.100-

NL 00803.145 ,

SM 01310.300

F. References

  • Computer Matching Notices, SI 02310.000 .

  • Automated Overpayment Notices, SM 01311.000.

  • Automated Overpayment Notice System Exclusions, SM 01310.305

  • Suspension for Payee Development (S08), GN 00504.110

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