TN 2 (12-06)

VB 00205.055 Verification of Military Service With the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)

A. Background

Prior to October 1, 2006, SSA and the National Archives and Records Administration had an agreement under which the NPRC in St. Louis, MO would conduct searches for SSA on an expedited basis for Special Veteran Benefits (SVB) claimants. This agreement ended September 30, 2006. Evidence of military service for SVB claimants will now be obtained as explained in VB 00205.055B.

B. Procedure

Request verification by the NPRC when it has been established that the claimant's military service cannot be verified by the VA file (i.e., it has no record or some needed information, such as the character of service, is missing).

Complete an SF-180. (See for a link to the Military Record Request, SF-180.)

NOTE: The NARA website is for public use only and SSA employees must use the SF-180 procedure to request information from NPRC.

Be sure to include the following information about the claimant:

  • the name used during military service;

  • Social Security number;

  • date of birth;

  • place of birth;

  • branch of service, dates of service, service number and whether the individual was an officer or enlisted person;

  • next of kin of the claimant at the time of the service (this includes father, mother, sisters and brothers) in Section II, item 2. (This information is needed to locate the correct record.)

Show “Special Veterans Benefit Claim” in Section II, item 3.

Enter the return address of the SSA office to which the NPRC should send its response. Provide a self-addressed return envelope for each SF-180 that is not faxed to the NPRC.

Date the request and enter the signature, phone number and e-mail address of the SSA claims representative (CR) making the request. Do not have the claimant sign the SF-180. If the claimant, rather than the CR, signs the form and the claimant's address is shown on the form, the response will go directly to the claimant, and not to SSA.

Retain a copy of the SF-180 for use in follow up on the request.

Request evidence from NARA as explained in RS 01701.036. Send all SF-180 requests and follow-up requests to code 14 record center shown on the SF-180 under “Address List of Custodians.”


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