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VB 00501.030 Accounting for Benefits

A. Introduction

1. General

Section 807 of title VIII of the Social Security Act requires a representative payee for SVB to be accountable for the use of benefits and to make periodic written reports when requested by SSA, but not less often than annually. If the payee does not provide the requested information within a reasonable period of time, benefits may be paid to someone else on behalf of the beneficiary.

SSA has a responsibility to make sure that each SVB representative payee outside the United States applies the benefits he/she receives in a reasonable and prudent manner for the use and benefit of the beneficiary.

2. Overview of Foreign Accountings

Significant differences exist between the domestic and foreign representative payee programs, and often modification of procedures is required. One such modification is found in the approach to foreign payee accountings. Detailed fiscal accountings are not requested because it is impossible to determine the value of services and items needed for the current care and maintenance of a beneficiary (for example, we cannot evaluate the reasonable cost for dental expenditures or even if this is a routine part of health care in a particular country.) Even if such expenses could be measured, it would be almost impossible to convert every currency to determine the correct U.S. dollar amounts applicable to the total report period. Therefore, the purpose of the foreign accounting is to determine as best as possible, if the payee is using the benefits in the beneficiary's best interests and if he/she continues to be qualified to act on behalf of the beneficiary.

B. Process

Annually, the Central Processing Sites (CPS) mail a Form SSA-2001-F6, (Representative Payee Report-Special Veterans Benefits) to every SVB representative payee. The accounting form requests information about the following:

  • the payee's current address;

  • the custody of the beneficiary;

  • who decided how benefits were used;

  • if benefits were used and/or saved for the beneficiary; and

  • how unused benefits were saved.

Payees are instructed to return the completed accountings to the CPS which sent the form. Accountings are processed manually by the CPS since resources required for automation are not justified in light of the very small number of cases at this time.

Accountings are requested more frequently if the facts of a case suggest misuse or if there are questions about a payee's suitability.

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