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VB 01503.210 Exhausting All Efforts

A. Procedure — General

Attempt contact(s) with any interested persons or other sources that may have knowledge or possess the information/evidence needed. Consider contacts with family members, neighbors, financial institutions, and/or medical facilities.

EXCEPTION: Contact will not be made with the Philippine Veterans Affair Office (PVAO) in Manila for information and or evidence because it could adversely affect PVAO benefits payable to the SVB recipient.

B. Procedure — Other Considerations

  • Development requests that are returned as “undeliverable” or “no forwarding address” are indicators that the whereabouts of the individual are unknown. Follow the whereabouts unknown procedures in VB 01503.300.

  • When SVB is being paid through a representative payee and the payee fails to comply with development requests, appears to be missing or is no longer interested in serving as payee, follow VB 01503.700.

  • Consider the need for a payee if the beneficiary fails to comply with earlier development requests and there is an indication that the recipient may not be managing benefits and meeting his/her needs. Follow VB 01503.700.

  • Accommodate special needs individuals (e.g., non-English speaking, blind or visually impaired, hearing-impaired, etc.) See GN 00203.009 for instructions on special interview situations.

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