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VB 01503.310 Whereabouts Development— Beneficiary Not Located

A. Procedure — Servicing Office

Document all efforts taken to locate the beneficiary, and the results, on an SSA-5002 (or equivalent); fax then mail to the CPS having SVB jurisdiction.

B. Procedure — CPS

If SVB payments have not yet been suspended, input S06 to suspend SVB effective the first month the system can actually stop benefits based on the monthly recurring payment tape cutoff.

REMINDER: As explained in SI 02301.240B.1., S06 is an exception to systems Goldberg/Kelly processing and can be input through the day of the recurring cutoff to stop the following month's benefit. However, a notice will NOT automatically be issued in SVB claims and a manual notice must be prepared.

Prepare and send a Notice of Planned Action to the most recent address reflected on the SVB SSR explaining that:

  • no SVB checks will be issued until contact is made with SSA;

  • his/her record will be terminated in 12 months if contact with SSA is not made; and

  • once the SVB record is terminated it will be necessary for him/her to reapply for SVB and reestablish SVB qualification and entitlement requirements.

Update the SVB Intranet Site to reflect the suspension date and reason.

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