BASIC (03-01)

VB 01505.020 Reinstatement of SVB After Erroneous Death Termination

A. Policy

The processing of a false death report or an incorrect input for death can result in an erroneous death termination. An individual must provide SSA with acceptable proof of identity and supply identifying information that matches the information on the SSR or on the San Francisco SVB Intranet Site before SVB entitlement can be reinstated.

EXCEPTION: If the death termination resulted from an obvious administrative error, such as a keying error, proof of identity is not necessary.

B. List of Acceptable Proofs of Identity (ID)

The following is a list of some of the documents that may be acceptable proof of ID provided that they show at least one piece of ID information (in addition to name) and the ID information matches the information on the SSR or San Francisco SVB Intranet Site:

  • Drivers license

  • Passport

  • U.S. Government or State ID card

  • Marriage or divorce record

  • Clinic, doctor, or hospital records

  • Military records

  • Church membership record

  • Life insurance policy

  • Hospital or medical insurance card

  • Another document that establishes the individual's identity using the criteria in RM 00203.200I.

NOTE: Philippine postal, voters and senior citizen's identification cards meet the criteria in RM 00203.200I and are acceptable evidence of identity as these documents usually provide information the reviewer can compare with the applicant (e.g., picture). In addition, the applicant has to apply personally in order to be issued any of these documents, each of which is countersigned by a local official, increasing its probative value.

C. List of Unacceptable Proofs of Identity (ID)

The following lists some documents that should not be accepted as ID documents as they are generally based on allegations and have little or no probative value.

  • Library card

  • Vehicle registration

  • Voter's registration card

  • Credit card

  • Rental or lease agreement

  • Shopping card (i.e., grocery store card)

  • Cancelled check

  • Bank deposit slip

  • Telephone/utility bill

D. Procedure — SVB Individual Requests Reinstatement After Death Termination

SSA does not send a notice when terminating payments due to the death of an SVB recipient. When an erroneous death termination is discovered, SSA can reopen and revise the death determination based on new and material evidence (VB 02507.040E.5.). Take the following steps when a reinstatement of SVB is requested after processing an erroneous death termination:




Was the termination clear