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VB 01701.001 Introduction to SVB reviews

A. Regulatory authority for conducting SVB benefit reviews

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has the authority under the Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 20 ยง408.714 , to request information from a beneficiary receiving benefits under the Special Veterans Benefit (SVB) program.

We will contact the beneficiaries to maintain the integrity of the SVB program. We need the information to determine continuing entitlement and the correct amount of payment. We may suspend benefits to an SVB beneficiary for failure to provide the information requested.

B. Policy for SVB reviews

We notify beneficiaries of the benefit reviews via mail. We use the information collected to determine if income, place of residence, or other circumstances have changed since the initial application or the last benefit review. Beneficiaries are required to complete a questionnaire and, if applicable, may need to submit evidence to substantiate their responses on the questionnaires.

We determine if the responses lead to a continuation in benefits, change in payment amount, suspension, or termination. We must give the beneficiary due process before we make any changes. A beneficiary can appeal a decision if he or she disagrees with the determination made on the case. For information regarding the appeals process, see Appeals Process VB 02500.000.

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