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VB 01701.005 Time Guidelines in Processing SVB Reviews

A. Introduction to time guidelines in processing SVB reviews

The benefit review process covers eligibility factors for past and future benefits, subject to the rules of administrative finality. For more information, see Administrative Finality VB 02507.000.

B. Policy for benefit reviews

The benefit review takes into account information and evidence effective with the month of benefit entitlement or the month after the month we completed the previous benefit review.

To make determinations on benefit suspensions, stop payments, or benefit reductions, follow the policy in Suspension and Termination Events VB 01500.000.

In cases involving fraud or similar fault, refer to the following sections:

C. Procedure for determining the benefit review timeframe

Determine the timeframe of the benefit review using the Supplemental Security Record (SSR) to identify the effective date of entitlement or the date of the last benefit review.

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