VB 05001.000 Exhibit/Dictated Notices

Subchapter Table of Contents
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VB 05001.001Introduction to Title VIII NoticesBASIC 04-00
VB 05001.005Overview of Title VIII NoticesBASIC 04-00
VB 05001.010List of Exhibit/Dictated Letters and DescriptionsBASIC 04-00
VB 05001.011Informal Denial NoticeBASIC 04-00
VB 05001.012Close-Out Notice (SSA/FSP Service Area)BASIC 04-00
VB 05001.013Close-Out Notice (Not SSA/FSP Service Area)BASIC 04-00
VB 05001.014Request for Information (SSA/FSP Service Area)BASIC 04-00
VB 05001.015Request for Information (Not SSA/FSP Service Area)BASIC 04-00
VB 05001.016Notice of QualificationBASIC 04-00
VB 05001.017Formal DenialBASIC 04-00
VB 05001.018Award NoticeBASIC 04-00
VB 05001.019Rep Payee Appointment NoticeBASIC 04-00
VB 05001.020Notice to Non-Selected Payee or Former Rep PayeeBASIC 04-00
VB 05001.021Notice to Legal GuardiansBASIC 04-00
VB 05001.022Notice to Legal Guardian or Legal RepresentativeTN 2 02-02
VB 05001.023Notice to Beneficiary, Legal Rep or Legal GuardianTN 2 02-02
VB 05001.024Advance Notice of Suspension/Stop PaymentTN 2 02-02
VB 05001.025Advance Notice of Reduction in BenefitsTN 2 02-02
VB 05001.026Notice to Beneficiary, Legal Guardian or Representative Payee of Voluntary TerminationTN 1 03-01
VB 05001.027Notice to Applicant in Response to Request for Withdrawal or Request to Cancel a Requested WithdrawalTN 1 03-01

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